Powder Coat and Paint

Powder Coat & Paint

We offer three different services for you to choose from depending on your needs. 

Custom Paint: 
We will perform any custom paint job required and we have a variety of excellent products that we use, depending on the job. We typically use OEM Colors or House of Kolors products. We have access to an extremely wide array of colors and our team is talented and creative. Every project is as unique as our customer wants it to be. 

Powder Coat: 
Powder coating is applied as a free-flowing dry powder. It is applied electrostatically and cured under heat or ultraviolet light. It is economical, long-lasting and extremely resistant to fading, scratching or chipping. There is a wide array of colors to choose from. Our powder-coating team works mostly on bike parts, but also car parts, off-roading vehicles, and patio furniture. We use Prismatic Powder products.  We are proud to have Atomic Powder Coat as our powder coat team at RGS Performance Motorcycles.
Cerakote is another service that we offer. Cerakote is a ceramic based finish. Our customers use our Cerakote service for exhausts/heat shields, and firearms. It is the right choice for anything that will be subjected to high heat. Our work is professional and guaranteed to have a very long lifetime.
Whether you want Paint, Powder Coat or Cerakote, we are the professional team in El Paso, Texas and the surrounding area!

Atomic Powder Coating